I'll cut right to the chase without getting too much into details about my background, which you can read in depth on LinkedIn.

As an entrepreneur, I've enjoyed building and marketing products for many years. I've encountered countless ups and downs, which made me stronger and wiser and ultimately led me to where I'm now. As consultant and mentor, I work on fresh and profound ideas and help companies reach their full potential through state-of-the-art technology and growth-oriented services.


Speaker & Mentor Engagements

  • Keynote Global Webit Congress - Experience Web

  • Investment Jury at several VC Conferences

  • StartUp Conference NEXT - Path to Acceleration

  • Featured at Startup Grind - Fireside Chat

  • Pioneers Festival Mentor & Trainer

  • European Conference of Future Internet 2015

  • European Commission - OSOR - Gov Solutions

  • Workshop at European Accelerator Summit

  • Speaker & Author at StartUs 

  • Guest Lector at Vienna University of Economics

  • European Commission - ePractice TV interview

  • Member at Founders Experts

  • Startup Weekend City 

  • Mentor at Pioneers Kiev 

  • Mentor at Open Source Camp Vienna 

  • Mentor at Lean Startup Machine

  • Keynote at European Drupaldays Milano 

  • Drupalcon London Mergers, Acquisition, Alliances

  • Drupalcamp Vienna - SEO & Digital Marketing

  • Drupalcon Copenhagen – SEO & Digital Marketing

  • Drupalcon Chicago – Community Building

  • Drupalcon Munich

  • Drupalcon Prague

  • Drupalcamp Sofia 2010-2015

  • Drupal Government Days Europe – Open Public

  • Drupal Business Days Europe

  • Drupal Summit Stockholm Open Public

  • Drupal City Berlin

  • Drupal Café Kiev & Lviv 

  • Drupal Roadshow Bulgaria

  • PlovDEV

  • Eday Vienna

Education & COURSES

University of Washington - Public Speaking Ext.

Harvard University - Computer Science Ext.

Acquia Partner Cloud Certificates

Austrian Association of Insurance Brokers

WIFI Vienna -Corporate Management

TGM Vienna (IT)

Work Experience

2014 - Segments Accelerator - Founder

2007 - Segments Digital - Founder & CTO

2014 - Eversport - Co-Founder & CTO (Exit)

2013 - Vienna University of Economics - Guest Lecturer

2011 - 2014 Propeople / FFW - Several CXO Roles (Exit)

2007 - Versichern24.at - Founder (Exit)

See LinkedIn for more details.

Connect with me

You can connect with my via my newsletter, social media or email. Alternatively, you can find my pages on various social media sites.