Ivo Radulovski Keynote Speaker at European Drupal Days 2015

From he official website: We are excited to announce that Ivo Radulovski is going to be the keynote speaker at the European Drupal Days in Milano on March 19th.

Ivo Radulovski, CEO at Segments is an Open Source Evangelist, who has started several Drupal businesses in Central and Eastern Europe. He was responsible for some major Open Source & Drupal events in Europe dealing with executives from more than 30 countries. Ivo was a speaker at the Global Webit Congress and major Drupal conferences in Chicago, Copenhagen, London, Munich and other cities. His speeches cover topics from Entrepreneurship, Business Development and Digital Strategies to Open Source adoption in Government. His current focus is on “Enterprise IT Strategy and Organizational Changes”.

About the Keynote

Everyday markets become more competitive while IT costs are growing within enterprise organizations. Launching new products, marketing campaigns or brands fast became a critical success factor for most companies. At the same time flexibility, efficiency and agility are required by business managers in order to meet the consumer demands.

Ivo Radulovski will provide insights on how companies adopt Drupal to launch a high amount of sites quickly and efficiently by using an optimized Drupal infrastructure which allows to reduce IT costs and simultaneously raise the focus on production output and targeted content across different digital channels.

At the same time we are having a look at potential pitfalls along the road and how Drupal fits into plans, policies and actions designed to achieve major organisational goals.

Jan 28, 2015 By Ivo Radulovski